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Free - No Charge 

A $15 Value
Professionally Sprayed
"Round Up" Weed Control
on the first visit ...

Fast Eddy's Lawn Service - seal of the state of florida
Fast Eddy's Lawn Service - Round Up Weed Control sold in stors
 Seal of the State of Florida
Fast Eddy's Lawn Service - Ed spraying weed control in tree rings
    We sprayed as needed these following selected areas.

    1. In the cracks of your driveway, walkways & street curbing
    2. Behind the air conditioners, pool pump & storage shed
    3. Along the ground of fence lines, beds, sheds, hedges & shrubs
    4. Around all oak trees, palm trees and sprinkler heads.
    5. Select areas of all your mulched landscaped beds & home

  Adding a Pre- Emergant Keeps new weeds from germinating for up to 90 days.

 Ed Spraying Round Up Weed Control in Lanscaped Tree Rings
Fast Eddy's Lawn Service - Ed spraying Round Up Weed control carefully in flowering beds
Fast Eddy's Lawn Service - Weed problem in the cracks of paver stones




"Free" Spray Round-Up" (Valued @ $15.)
to All New Clients on the First Visit @ No Charge

"Round-Up" Spray Weed Control
With a extra bonus additive  " Pre-Emergent "

We are professionally licensed by the state and insured to spray “Round Up” weed control.We spray with professional grade "Round-Up" weed control (it kills weeds down to the root) plus we add a pre-emergent that (Keeps weeds from germinating for up to 90 days)
We spray as needed select areas of your landscape beds & hedge beds, property boarders, crack in drives & walkways, between fence lines, under hedges, behind the A/C unite, pool pumps, paver patios and tree rings, etc ...