Package 1:

Package 1: Pricing for Lawn Services Weekly Summer & Bi-Weekly Winter Services.

Pricing for Lawn Service

Package 1 Includes:

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Edging: Walkways, Driveway, Beds, Tree Rings,
  • String Line Trimming (Weed Whacking)
  • Blowing: All Surface Areas

This is our most popular year round lawn service package.

Front Yards Only – Pricing

    Average Lots Front Only     ————-    $ 20 per cut          

   Corner Lots Front Only     —————-     $ 25 per cut          

    Complete Yard – Front and Back

   Average Size Lots     —————-     $ 30 per cut          

   Corner Lots  & Cul-de-sac   ——–   $ 35 per cut     

   Extra Large Size Lots  ————–     $ 40 per cut

“Out of Hand” Additional Charges Pricing for Lawn Service

These charges only pertain to new clients with yards that have become overgrown.

One time fee Starting @ $30.  Additional fees may very depending on severity.

  • Overgrown Mowing
  • Overgrown Edging
  • Overgrown String Line Trimming
  • Excessive Blowing

Thank You for Understanding our Labor Costs!

( Monthly / Gasoline Fuel Surcharge )

There is a once per Month added Fuel Service Charge to the Monthly Billing. … Add $6 per month.