4 Types of Grass

Four Types of Grasses in Florida:

1) St. Argentina grass (Stenotaphrum secundatum [Walt.] Kuntze) is widely adapted to the warm, humid (subtropical) regions of the world. It is believed to be native to the coastal regions of both the Gulf of Mexico and the Mediterranean. In Florida, St. Augustine grass is the most commonly used lawn grass throughout the state. It can grow satisfactorily in a wide variety of soils., High Maintenance, Flora-tam is for full sun, Seville is for shade areas

Most of our Clients have St Augustine

2) Bahia grass is a popular, low-maintenance lawn grass that does well with limited water and fertilizer inputs. Although bahia grass does not produce a carpet-like, dense lawn like some other warm-season lawn grasses, it does provide a good, low-maintenance lawn where slightly reduced visual quality is acceptable Low Maintenance,

Bahia Grass is also a popular grass

3) Zoysia grass (Classic) is very soft, beautiful & Expensive, Zoysia grasses (Zoysiaspp.) were introduced into the United States from Asia and provide attractive turf throughout much of the United States. In recent years, dramatic improvements in zoysia grass have been made by turf grass breeders. These improvements include insect resistance, accelerated establishment, and overall performance. Zoysia grasses are adapted to a variety of soil types and have good tolerance to shade, salt, and traffic. They provide an extremely dense sod that resists weed invasion, but certain pests can be problematic.

Zoysia grass is not as common but a very nice grass.

4) Bermuda grass (Cynodon spp.) are among the most widely used warm-season grasses. Improved, fine-textured Bermuda grasses are used throughout the south on golf courses, athletic fields, and in high-profile residential and commercial landscapes where a fine-textured, dense ground cover is desired. Because of the high maintenance requirements of the improved Bermuda grasses, however, they are not generally recommended for use as a home lawn grass. Common Bermuda grass varieties are often found as pasture and roadside grasses; these coarse-leaved varieties do not provide the high quality nor do they require the high maintenance of the fine-textured types.Bermuda Grass if mostly for golf courses and it also is expensive.

Bermuda Grass is a Golf Course Grass that is a hybrid of Bent Grass that is a native and indigenous grass in Tampa Florida.

To know more about a healthy lawn go to the University of Florida Extension Service website and they have a complete yet simple overview about all types of grass in Florida.

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