#2 Program – Pricing Bi-Weekly All Year

Bi-Weekly Services – Every 2 weeks – All Year

Fast Eddy’s is making all monthly payments easier! In 2023 we are starting a new FLAT MONTHLY RATE for the entire 12 month in the year. No more, hard to remember, pricing by the cut. The new pricing is calculated by the annual yearly cost, then divided by 12 months in a year. Giving us the same constant price for the summer and winter months.

Basic Lawn Service Includes:

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Edging: Walkways, Driveway, Beds, Tree Rings,
  • String Line Trimming (Weed Whacking)
  • Blowing: All Surface Areas

Monthly Rate stays the same all year!


Front Only – Avg. Lot   –   $67 Monthly Rate

Front Only – Corner Lot    –    $85 Monthly Rate

Front and Back – Complete Yard 

  Average Lot  –  $99 Monthly Rate

  Larger Than Average Lots – Corner Lots – Cul-De-Sac Lots –  $117 Monthly Rate

    Extra Large Lots   –    $131 Monthly Rate

    Double Large Lots   –   $149 Monthly Rate

    Triple Large Lots   –   $169 Monthly Rate

“Out of Hand” Additional Charges

These charges only pertain to new “start up” clients with yards that have become overgrown.

One time fee Starting @ $30.  Additional fees may very depending on severity. Will be price quoted upon arrival with an evaluation of conditions below:

  • Overgrown Mowing
  • Overgrown Edging
  • Overgrown String Line Trimming
  • Overgrown with Excessive Blowing

Thank You for Understanding our Labor Costs!

Landscape Trimming Hedges, Shubs, Small Palms – Additional Charges

Trimming and Landscape clean-ups are an additional cost.  We do not quote bushes or clean-ups over the phone.   We only Trim for our “Year Round Clients Only”. We quote one week and perform the service in the next scheduled week.  We will bill you out separately for that day of trimming services.  Our trimming services includes: shrubs, hedges, small trees, small palm trees, topiary shrubs and small to medium trees that are shaped like mushroom caps.  Any left over debris is mulched up then bagged and left by the curb for your regular natural debris disposal service to pick up.  We also spread new mulch into your landscape beds.  We request to do mulching work the winter time when it is slower and temperatures are cooler.