Water Restrictions and Sprinkler Settings

We have below links to the Hillsborough County and the Pasco County websites. The links are fast references to what days of the week can you water the lawn and what hours of the day you can water the lawn. We are constantly having watering restrictions here in Florida. I want to have it easy for my clients to find information to help save water and help the environment.

Hillsborough Water Restrictions
Pasco County Water Restrictions

For tips on maintaining a healthy, water-efficient landscape, please visit our section on Lawns and Irrigation.

Types of Sprinkler Heads

  • Large Rotary Pop Up Head
  • Small Fixed Pop Up Head
  • Drip Line Irrigation System
  • Conserving Water is only a part of going green
  • Choose the right layout and landscape design while using drought tolerant plants
  • You will save money and water

Sprinkler Settings